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August 2006


New to the Parade

Editor's Note: This new addition to the Canada Day Parade has made a lasting impression upon Apsley.  What a bang up job they did to jazz up Canada Day and to show that multiculturalism is alive and well. 

by Sergio Barboza
Magia Negra is a Toronto-based drum and dance entertainment company that performs Candombe, a lively and entrancing Afro-Uruguayan hybrid music form.  Fused with various other world rhythms, the end result is a high-energy explosion of vibrant colours and sounds.

Founded in 2002, the group has performed at venues such as Toronto’s Parti Gras Festival,  TLN’s LatinFest at Canada’s Wonderland and for the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre. The group also has distinct honor of being the opening act for Jamie Roos (internationally known Uruguayan artist) at his first and only performance on Canadian soil.

Many of the groups drummers, dancers and musicians (guitar, bass, 2 trumpets, trombone and saxophone) are Uruguayan born Canadians; however, our performers also reflect Canada's ethnically diverse population as the group includes Canadians, Europeans, West Indians and South Americans.

With the goal to maintain Uruguay’s Afro cultural customs as well as the  desire to teach and influence young Uruguayan-Canadian generations now forming. Magia Negra takes great pride in teaching, maintaining and showcasing our culture.

If you would like more information on the type of music we play you can visit our website www.magianegra.ca.

Pictures below from the Apsley Canada Day Parade on July 1'st:

Magian Negra 1 Magia Negra 2
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