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July 2006


Apsley Businesses Celebrate Milestones


Friday, June 28th 1996 was the opening day of the WELLINGTON STREET gift shop.  The exterior of the store had been painted bright yellow with red and purple trim (to attract attention), while the interior was a combination of pine and green with some of the original display shelves still in use today.

Wellington Street
The original Wellington Street building pictured above was renovated in 1999.

For the first three summers the owners operated a Vegetable & Fruit stand at the outside front of the store in an endeavor to attract more business.  It was a successful undertaking, popular with cottagers and the local community alike.

In early 1999 an ambitious plan to add additional space to the store commenced.  Completed in time to open on the 1999 Canada weekend, the 2 storey addition more than tripled the size of the original store.

The 2nd floor became the popular “Christmas” room that has since seen WELLINGTON STREET become a regular destination stop for patrons from near and far.

The owners/operators of the business have emphasized presentation and diversity of product selection from the beginning.  Service, including Gift Registry, Gift certificates, complimentary Gift Wrap (from the smallest to largest item) and a search to accommodate unusual customer requests are an everyday undertaking.

In summer months, the gardens and sitting area at the rear of the property have greatly enhanced the appreciation customers have for the offerings of the business.  Toward Christmas, involvement with the Peterborough Festival Of Trees Holiday House tour (nine years) and the festive decorating within the store bring back cottagers and repeat customers who might otherwise only travel to the area during the ‘fair weather’ cottage seasons.

Mike (Heaps) and Bob (Harvey) combined have strong backgrounds in retail and the giftware industry.  Opening a gift shop in the village of Apsley was in the planning for fifteen years prior to its becoming a reality.  They live in the township (on Chandos Lake) where they built their home starting 26 years ago.

The support from cottagers and the local community is never taken for granted at WELLINGTON STREET.  “The appreciation we have for our customers’ support cannot be expressed in words alone.  Like other merchants in this small community we do our best (to express thanks) by supporting and contributing to causes and celebrity events.  Yet our greatest pleasure comes from observing the growth and maturity of the younger generation, and the reward of friendship with so many of our customers.”


On May 8th 2006 the Donia family celebrated being in Apsley and operating Donia’s TIM-BR Mart for the past 20 years.   It feels like yesterday that we came to this amazing community.  Pieter & Helen purchased the store from Naomi Wilson and along with their children Sid, Jo-Anne and Terri embarked on their adventures in retail.  We have enjoyed seeing the changes each year has brought, and the growth and development we ourselves have experienced.  Also during the past twenty years, our staff, past and present have been a large part of our growth and development. Just four years ago we expanded and added Apsley’s Garden & Cottage Shoppe. That same fall we purchased the former Town & Country Marine building and expanded the Rental, Repair and Stihl Shop. 

It is our pleasure to thank all our customers both local and seasonal for the incredible support over the past 20 years.  Every summer feels like reunion time when our summer visitors return. 

We look forward to continuing our services to our customers and the community we call home, Apsley.


The Apsley Voice was unable to obtain a write up for Sayers I.G.A. by the deadline, Congratulations to the Sayers Family.
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