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September 2006


Apsley & Area Gets POUNDED

Community Spirit is Alive and Well in North Kawartha

storm 1 storm 2

by Caroline Elder

After the August 2nd storm, everyone felt the effects of community spirit!  Between the roar of generators and chainsaws, were concerned residents, cottagers and public service providers, working to open roads, lend support and share resources through the aftermath.

The extent of the damage on Jack Lake was still being assessed on Thursday morning, but it is known that the Miller Timber Sands lost its pump house and had the added concern of damage to all the water lines that supply the cabins. At the Anchorage Marina Ryan & Jenn Dunkerley’s van had a tree through it, matching the tree that went through the roof at the Anchorage Marina store, on which Joe Dunkerley had recently finished installing the siding.  In addition, due to all the giant fallen trees, it was difficult to see Boyer’s House (formerly the lodge house) from Jack Lake Road. We have since heard that Redman Bay and surrounding area took the brunt of the storm, and miraculously no loss of life has been reported in our area.

Kudos to the North Kawartha Fire Department, Hydro One, Bell, OPP, ambulance attendants, township personnel, tree services and shop keepers, for providing endless hours of relief work and supplying the necessities of life.  Many, who were fortunate enough to have their power and water restored early, opened their homes for showers or a hot cup of coffee, donated candles and more. Everyone pulled together in our community, something we can all be proud of.

Editors Note:  It was truly a blessing that there was no loss of life during this storm, and yes hats off to all of those who volunteered their time with the clean up.

storm 3
Photos by Caroline Elder

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