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Top Producer in Apsley
Ambrose Moran
My Direct # 656-2000

Country Classic in Apsley   656-1567





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Apsley Autumn Studio Tour Marks the 14th Year

One of the artists on the Apsley Studio Tour for her fourth year is Stefanie Clark.

Coe Hill Agricultural Society
Celebrates 125th Anniversary

The Coe Hill Fair was founded in 1882. The first Fair was held in Salem, two miles north of Coe Hill.

AIDS Walk for Life

Sunday, September 23rd is the 16th annual AIDS Walk for Life, hosted by PARN-Your Community AIDS Resource Network.

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Lions Club News

Thanks to all for your great support of the annual Boat & Motor Draw.

Lobster Fishers Association

 I am not sure how many of you know anything about the Chandos Lake Lobster Fishers Association so I will give you a brief outline before we make a small presentation.

Mother's Day Contest Winners

In your own words you’ve inspired us by your love and appreciation for your mothers. Thanks to ALL who entered the contest. Great job!

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After the Hit

After our tank was hit we spent the night along with other disabled tanks, waiting for the mechanics to arrive see what they could repair.

Marlene Receives Umbrella

Marlene White receives an antique Liberal umbrella that served Neil Currie in three Saskatchewan elections.

The United Church Bible School


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Jack Lake Regatta

Each summer, on the Civic Long Weekend, the Jack’s Lake Association hosts and sponsors their Annual Regatta.

Chandos Lake Regatta

On August 4th, Chandos cottages arrived early at Lakeview Cottages and Marina for the annual regatta and a day of family fun.



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The Apsley Bard

The man sits quiet ‘neath Cedar boughs, to see grand-children play

North Kawartha Fire Department News

Firefighters will be stopping by your home in the coming weeks to check your smoke alarms.

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Apsley Village Market Officially Opened

The skirl of bagpipes echoed throughout the village of Apsley on the sunny morning of Saturday, July 28, signifying the start of a ceremony to officially open the Apsley Village Market.

On Lawns and Aquatic Weeds

While I take issue with parts of the Jack Lake Plan and any attitude that dictates my behavior or aesthetics of the lake shore, I do think the Water Quality is impacted by the maintenance of highly cultured lawns right at lake level.

Youth Fear in Nineveh

Soldier Boy
Don’t go to Nineveh


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Legion News

Florida State Shuffleboard Champion

In 1996 Bet Pitts, a resident of Apsley, won the Florida State Shuffleboard Championship with her partner Ellie Prevost of Maine.


The Department of National Defence has a program in which senior high school students can join the Military Reserves and do a co-op training program while still attending school.

Arthritis & Your Hands

Arthritis affects many people. It frequently attacks the joints of the hands causing pain and disability.

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Apsley Library's Lost Treasure,

Next year it will be thirty years since we bought our property on Rose Island Rd. just fifteen kilometers north-east of Apsley.

Library News

Mon-Closed, Tues. 11-5, Wed.11-6, Thurs. 11-5, Fri. 11-4, Sat. 9-1.
These hours will be permanent year round.

Your Health - Your Community

Donor list

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September Birding

This is a wonderful time of year for those interested in birds.

Walk Down a Shady Lane

This tree grows in amongst the sugar maple, white ash, American beech and red oak surpassing them in height up to 35 m into the canopy forming a symmetrical rounded crown.

Fraud Involving Older Adults

It is estimated that over 60% of the abuse which is inflicted upon older adults is financial abuse.

 ABC Seniors

A few members enjoyed their euchre games throughout the summer. Regular meetings resume on Tuesday, Sept. 4th with a hot Meal at 12 noon.


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Parks & Recreation


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OPP Report


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I am "THEY"- Part 2

Second of Two commentaries on the Day of Protest


I contacted Gary Geraldi, following our conversation and he has informed me that the construction of the new Apsley Public School may start sometime in late September or early October of this year

Ben Gets Home Safely

My friendly lab named Ben is well known to local residents along the waterfront where we live.


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 Church News

St. George’s Anglican Church,

The Church at Woodview,

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic,

Apsley Community Chapel,

St. Stephen's Anglican Church,

Trinity United Church,



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A Lake Trout Story

I met Liz the other day in the IGA. After pleasantries, she asked if I would write something about my experiences; perhaps hockey; maybe later.

Book Review

Author, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has received many awards for her writing, one of which was from Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2005. Her book ‘Infidel’ should be read by politicians as well as the public.

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And the Winners are...

Dockside Drama.

After many wonderful years on Jack Lake, I have finally been inspired to put pen to paper to share some of our family’s experiences of cottage life.




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